What’s New in Art Text 4

Art Text 4 adds new design tools and text effects to guarantee that text graphics you create outrun the latest design trends. New vector drawing tools will let you easily create new or modify supplied shapes for use in logo design.

Text motion and effects animation.

Text Animation

Create text motion graphics for YouTube video titles, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok posts, and various presentations. Create looped animations, export to GIF, MOV, MP4, M4V formats, and even create transparent animations for easy integration into your movies.

Vector drawing tools

Drawing Tools

New vector drawing tools are great for creating new and editing supplied shapes. Drawing tools include: Pen, Move, Convert Anchor Point, and Reverse Path Direction. Version 4.1 also brings the Convert to Shape feature that lets users edit text shape using drawing tools.

Logo badge templates

Logo Content

The supplied collection extended with 300 new shapes and icons, and 137 new badge shapes. The new design set includes 20 badge logo templates.

Spray Fill

This new fill feature lets you populate a text shape with a multitude of supplied items. You are free to randomize the size and position of fill objects to achieve the effect of text being laid out with coffee beans, color balls, leaves, LEGO® pieces and even clouds. Extend the supplied fill content by importing your own PDF, PNG or JPEG images.

Create portraits with geometry shapes.

Spray Colorize

The tool that uses photos and images to choose the color and distribution pattern for objects used in the Spray Fill feature. It helps to create photos filled with custom objects and shapes.

Font shape distortion effects

Distortion Effects

Distortions help to edit fonts beyond typeface options to wear out text sides, create random holes in the body, partially dim text, and many more. This is especially useful when designing watercolor typography with realistically rough edges.

Realistic 3D typography

3D Text on Boost

The Reflection Mask option defines reflective and non-reflective areas to maximize the authenticity for rusty, decayed or scratched surfaces. Bump Map technology has been advanced to include both height and normal maps.

Text embossing effects

Enhanced Shading

Shading materials now have a Bump Map option that adds bumps and wrinkles to convex and embossed text effects.

UI and Appearance

All the new features blend naturally in the Art Text user interface, guaranteeing a smooth switch from earlier versions. Now you can also have full control over Dark and Light UI themes.

Metal typography in Art Text

And That's Not It

  • 400+ design templates (free and paid)
  • 122 easy accessible style presets
  • 440+ Spray Fill objects
  • 18 Spray Fill presets
  • Spray Fill distribution maps
  • Individual shadows for Spray Fill objects
  • Light controls for Spray Fill
  • 8 font distortion effects: Displacement, Side Displacement, Roundness, Brush, Outer Distress, Erosion, Mask and Blur
  • 110+ new masks
  • 150+ Height Map masks for 3D Bump Map
  • 150+ Reflection masks
  • Brand-new rendering based on Apple Metal
  • Extend your workspace with an iPad display thanks to Apple Sidecar
  • Dark and Light appearance supported
  • Export to Facebook 3D Photo