Art Text tutorial on typewriter text animation.

Typewriter Text Effect and Animation

Tutorial on text animation with the typewriting effect.

Mario photo composed with Lego.

Animating a Photo Formation with Lego

Tutorial on how to animate photo formation with lego pieces.

Creating leaves text effect.

Spread Leaf Typography

Tutorial on how to create a spread leaf text effect.

Liquid text effect animation.

Liquid Text Animation

Creating liquid text effect and animating it in Art Text.

Electric shock text animation.

Electric Text Animation

A guide on how to create electric text animation.

Text appears in animation.

Text Appears in Animation

Tutorial on making text to appear or disappear in animation.

3D text animation.

Text Shape Animation

Tutorial on how to create optical illusion text animation with 2D text effects.

3D text animation

Text Animation Basics

Learn how to create a simple motion animation for 3D text in Art Text.

Choco 3D text with sugar sprinkles.

Chocolate Text Effect

Tutorial on how to design chocolate typography that everyone wants to bite.

Lego bricks text created in Art Text.

LEGO Bricks Text Effect

Tutorial on how to form typography graphics with spread on lego bricks.

Text on fire effect tutorial.

Fire Text Effect

5-step tutorial on how to create text on fire typography graphics in Art Text 4.

Text effect templates

Working with Templates

Get typography graphics done in minutes with text effect templates from Design Gallery.

Logo design tools

How to Create a Logo

A detailed video tutorial and a step-by-step that teaches three easy ways to create a unique logo in several simple steps.

Sand Text Effect

Detailed tutorial on how to create sand writing text effect in Art Text 4.

Coffee bean typography and sparkle text

Using Spray Fill

Learn how to create letters formed out of coffee beans, leafs, or shiny sparkles.

Learn how to distort fonts and change font shape

Font Distortion Effects

Modify letter characters beyond standard font options by distorting font shape and body.

Create bump text effects and convex typography

Embossed Text Effect

All about Shading materials that add convex effect and gleam of light to regular fonts.

Create 3D text on a Mac

Creating 3D Text

Series of Art Text tutorials on creating realistic 3D text.

Create watercolor text effect on a Mac

Watercolor Text Effect

Tips on creating watercolor typography in Art Text 4.

Create gold foil text effect on a Mac

Gold Foil Text Effect

Step by step tutorial on creating gold foil typography.

Create Christmas greeting card on a Mac

Creating a Christmas Card

DIY Christmas greeting card with Art Text 4.