Text Design Resources

Here you will find Free graphic collections, and other useful resources related to text design, typography and lettering creation.

Shapeshifting typography and text effect.

Shapeshifting Typography With Art Text

Discover how to apply geometric shape transformations to text in the Art Text app.

Evolution of the Color of the Year.

Evolution of the Pantone Color of the Year

Discover colors that have held the color of the year award since 2010.

Color glitch typography.

Exploring Glitch Typography

Unveiling divers glitch text effects and origin of glitch typography.

Best paid and free font resources.

5 Best Font Resources

Discover 5 best paid and free font resources.

Kinetic typography.

Kinetic Typography

Get an overview of the history of kinetic typography, its most popular techniques and ways that Art Text 4 can be used for it.

Article on how text design evolved through time.

Evolution of Text Design

Learn how text design developed through time.

AI assisted graphics.

AI in Graphic Design

Discover different AI solutions for graphic design.

Elements of a logo article.

8 Popular Lettering Styles

Get an overview of eight most popular lettering styles and choose the one that will convey the look you want.

Elements of a logo article.

Elements of a Logo

Learn what elements make up a logo and get tips on how to make it effective.

Photoshop alternative 3D text.

Photoshop Alternative for Text Effects

Photoshop alternative for 3D text, text on sand, fire text effect and more.

7 best font finders article illustration.

Your One Stop for Free Fonts and Icons

Discover free fonts and icons on Google Fonts service.

7 best font finders article illustration.

7 Best Font Finders by Image and URL

Learn about 7 best font identifiers that can help you find any font in an image or website.

History behind 8 popular fonts.

8 Popular Fonts Story

The common uses and history behind the most popular typefaces.

Introduction to typography basics.

Introduction to Typography Basics

All the basics you should know about typography, typeface and fonts.

Free Logo Makers

Free Logo Makers

The article gathers four logo makers that will help you create and export a logo for your brand at no cost.

Typography trend graphics

Typography Trends 2022

Collection of 7 popular typography trends for 2022.

Social Media Image Sizes for 2022

Create Custom Typography for Canva

Different typography types Art Text can create for use in Canva presentations, marketing materials, print products and social media graphics.

Social Media Image Sizes for 2022

Social Media Image Sizes for 2022

The article gathers recommended image sizes for the most popular social media, including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Minimalist graphic design

Social Media Graphics Design

Essential tips to bear in mind whenever you want to develop a profile on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms.

Minimalist graphic design

Minimalist Graphic Design

The article explores minimalist graphic design and its key principles.

3D graphic design

3D Graphic Design

In this article we will explore 3D graphic design, its types and the list of the best software for 3D graphics.

Environmental graphic design

Environmental Graphic Design

This article explores environmental graphic design and describes its most popular trends.

Movie title typography

Text Effects as in Movie Titles

Learn about movie titles and text effects in cinematography, and how to create thumbnail titles on a Mac.

3D text sample

3D Typography the Easy Way

An in-depth look into Art Text features on creating 3D typography graphics.

Realistic food typography graphics.

Mouth-Watering Food Typography

Learn about different approaches to create highly-realistic food typography graphics in Art Text.

Creating a Valentine's day card

Designing a Valentine’s Card

How-to tips on designing an impressive Valentine's card for your loved ones on a Mac.

The Art of Text Design

Designing Retro Typography

Useful tips for creating retro typography and aging effect for posters, flyers, advertising, and website graphics.

The Art of Text Design

Lettering — The Art of Text Design

Brief introduction to lettering, typography and calligraphy with examples of real life lettering graphics implementation.

The Art of Text Design

Typography Trends and Types

Discover commonly used and the most popular typography trends. Explore the field of use for each typography type.

100 Additional Fonts

100 Additional Fonts

These professional fonts extend your typography and lettering design options. Once installed, you can use fonts in any application on your computer.

Aquarelle and Watercolor Typography

Aquarelle and Watercolor Typography

Watercolor text effects in desktop publishing and steps to create your own watercolor typography and aquarelle graphics.

The Way of Lettering Design

The Way of Lettering Design

The story behind typography and lettering design app. The making of watercolor and various 3D text design textures.

Decorating text with fonts

Express Yourself with Fonts

Font is the basic mean of text decoration, learn about different font types, where to get fonts and how to install them on your Mac.

How to Create Chalk Lettering

How to Create Chalk Lettering

3 easy steps to create realistic chalkboard lettering with Letters app.

WordArt alternative text effects

WordArt Alternatives for Mac

List of solutions that excel Microsoft WordArt tool and available to Mac users.