Art Text — 3D text software for macOS.

3D Text Software Everyone Can Use

Art Text is a graphic design app used to create remarkably realistic 3D texts and headings on a Mac. Its intuitive 3D text composer creates 3D typography on the fly based on the font and text a user enters. Diverse 3D text tools and various presets let users implement the most creative typography design ideas.

Art Text comes with hundreds of 3D text templates that will be an excellent fit for your marketing and print projects, web design, social media graphics and posters.

3D Text Composer

3D text design has never been so simple. All you need to do is to choose a font and type a word, then the 3D modeling engine will create a 3D text model.

Semi-transparent 3D typography graphics.

Fine-Tune a 3D Text Look

To give the 3D text a true-to-life look, Art Text offers a range of material and texture presets for your convenience. Experienced 3D users will appreciate the wide range of material settings available to them, such as ambient, diffuse and specular color and control spotlight position and color. To tune the 3D text surface, Art Text offers bump map and reflection mask tools.

Retro 3D typography graphics. 3D cheese text effect. Gradient 3D text. 3D cake typography design. Wood 3D text template. Donut 3D alphabet. Thin 3D text with depth gradient. Calligraphic font into 3D text. 3D text created in the Art Text app. Rust metal typography. Simple 3D typography art. Vintage 3D alphabet.

3D Text Effects

Use the Depth Gradient effect for color transition on the side of the 3D text.

The Glow effect is great for designing neon glow 3D text effects

With the Focus effect, you can partially blur 3D text using the Focal Length and Blur sliders.

Neon and glow 3D text effects presets.

Give Life to 3D Text

The intuitive animation panel provides easy-to-use tools to create motion 3D texts for intro videos, presentations and social media. Text can move, or individual characters can rotate in 3D, and surface materials and light can change to achieve multitude 3D text animation effects.

Animating 3D text with keyframes approach.

Illusive 3D Text Effects

Besides real 3D text graphics that Art Text helps you design, you can opt for 2D text effects, which create a visual illusion of depth and illusive 3D text. Apply shading materials to create a bump and embossed text effect. The Spray Fill tool lets you compose words of different objects, such as coffee beans, fruits or flowers. The tool uses photo objects that create visually 3D-like typography.

Illusive 3D text features include Spray Fill and Shading Materials.

3D Shape Transformations

24 adjustable transformation shapes specific for 3D text will help you bend and warp your words.

24 transformation shapes for 3D typography.

Export Options

Art Text can export 3D text graphics to PDF, PNG, TIFF, JPEG and other graphic formats with no limits as to resolution and image size. The ability to export the 3D text on a transparent background makes Art Text a perfect companion for any graphic design app that doesn’t have 3D text capabilities or those that are extremely complicated to use. Art Text can also export 3D text as a Facebook 3D Photo.

Try Art Text for Mac to create 3D text graphics from scratch or customize pre-designed templates.