Font Distortion Effects

Art Text 4 comes with 8 Distortion Effects to reshape font. This video will explain each of these effects and customization options.

Available Distortion Effects:

  • Mask — applies distortion based on the Mask image. The Mask pattern can be reversed with the Inverse checkbox.
  • Erosion — similar to Mask distortion with one exception that text edges remain intact.
  • Blur — is used to create smoke typography or frozen text effect.
  • Displacement — literally breaks the font. Amount and detail slider control how heavy the font is broken.
  • Side Displacement — similar to Displacement with one exception that it applies only to a chosen side of a letter character.
  • Roundness — smoothes out font corners making sharp corners rounded.
  • Brush — is used to simulate paintbrush stroke on the text body.
  • Outer Distress — simulates noise effect around the text.

Tip: Several distortions can be used to significantly change the resulting distortion, and the order in which distortions are applied plays an important role.