Art Text - text effect, heading, and logo design software.

Text Effects, Headings, and Logos

Art Text is graphic design software for Mac that brings text effects, typography, and logo design to the next level. With its intuitive design toolkit, graphic presets, and typography templates you will create flashy headings for all your desktop publishing projects, logos, websites, instantly produce 3D text and 3D titles, and even make eye-catching captions for social media posts.

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Styles and Materials

Art Text comes equipped with a wide selection of text styles, surface materials and effects. Unrestricted by any presets, your creativity will take flight with easily adjustable textures, surface bump maps, environment textures, light spots and shadows, and other settings to come up with new materials.

Fruit text
3D typography
3D metal text
Retro text effect
Simple 3D text
Wood carved lettering
Donut typography
Grunge text effect
Choco text effect
3D alphabet
Wood 3D texture
Cheese typography
Watercolor typography
Cake alphabet
Offset text effect
3D gradient text effect
Cookie lettering effect
3D letter with depth gradient
Character composed of color balls
Alphabet in retro style
Grunge typography effects
Rainbow 3D lettering
Smoke typography
Vintage typography
Letter composed of cereals
Stone carved lettering
Retro typography
Cactus alphabet
Bokeh text
Brush typography
3D text of wood
Concrete typography
3D type
Vintage alphabet
Text composed of leaves
Jelly alphabet
Medicine typography
Color typography
Comic text effect
Mercury text effect

Spray Fill

Beautifully lay out words with coffee beans, color balls, leaves, Lego pieces and even clouds using the supplied collection or import your own fill images. Experiment with lettering design from highly random to a very structured layout and fill sizes.

Stamp text effect

Mask Effects

Tweak text finishing with a variety of masks to render an aged text or a scratched look. You may also want to add a stamped effect with just one click. Easily experiment with settings, and combine masks with other effects, to get a somewhat unexpected but impressive result.

Font distortion effect

Distortion Effects

Heavily alter the font shape beyond standard typeface options. Effortlessly wear out text sides with Side Distortion, create random holes in the body with Erosion, partially dim text with Blur distortion, and more.

Shading Materials
Shading Materials
Shading Materials
Shading Materials
Shading Materials
Shading Materials
Shading Materials
Shading Materials
Shading Materials
Shading Materials
Shading Materials
Shading Materials
Shading Materials
Shading Materials
Shading Materials
Shading Materials
Shading Materials
Shading Materials
Shading Materials
Shading Materials

Shading Materials

Special 2D materials open the door to an array of visual effects, such as bumping or embossing. You may also apply a glass, plastic or gold finish, make the surface glossy, matte, bright or faded, or give your graphic a fascinating watercolor, oil paint or pencil drawing look. The most demanding users will find the material editor handy for creating custom Shading Materials.

3D Text Rendering

Real 3D Text

Art Text implements a 3D modeling engine that helps to convert any text, symbol or pictogram to 3D. Our graphic design software embeds 3D renderer together with tons of customizable 3D materials to ensure super realistic results every time.

Watercolor lettering

Paint Lettering

Art Text comes with a great variety of fills, distortion effects and object content to design highly realistic, hand painted, ink written and watercolor lettering art.

Text bump effect Text bump effect Text bump effect Text bump effect Text bump effect Text bump effect Text bump effect Text bump effect Text bump effect Text bump effect Text bump effect Text bump effect

Advanced 2D Shading

Dramatically improve surface appearance by applying bump map texture over shading materials.

Squeeze text

Bend and Warp Text

Using geometry transformations, you can give the text a wavy, slanted and inflated look or give it any other shape that you can think of.

Logo design tools

Design a Logo

Use 1100+ supplied vector icons, symbols, and smart shapes, edit the supplied shapes, or create custom ones by drawing freeform curves with Pen, Move, Convert Anchor Point, and Reverse Path Direction tools. Apply effects to shapes and combine them with text to create unique logo designs.

What’s New in Version 4

Spray Fill

New fill effect that populates the text shape with coffee beans, nuts, stones, glitter and other preset image fills.

Text Designs Store

Regularly updated gallery of free and paid text design templates.

Realistic 3D Materials

Materials have dramatically improved with Reflection Masks.

Facebook 3D Photo

Create catchy phrase graphics and share on Facebook as a 3D photo.

Multi-Purpose Distortion

Achieve diverse 2D visual effects with Erosion, Roundness, Side Distortion, Blur and other shape distortion effects.

Shading Materials

2D shading materials become more sophisticated with 150 fully adjustable Bump Map masks.

Spray fill, 3D text materials, Type distortion effects, text designs, Facebook 3D photo, typography bump effect

Tons of Text Styles

Use any of 100+ text style preset as is, or modify to your liking for any of your personal or commercial purposes.*

*Some presets are available via in-app purchase only.


Lettering & Typography Resources

Free alphabet and symbol graphics, useful text design articles.

Express Yourself With Fonts

Key information about fonts, where to get and how to install them.

Supplied Fonts

100 additional fonts which come with the Extras package.

More Resources

Latest News:

March 31, 2022 Art Text 4.1.3 introduces the ability to request sets, and various minor fixes and improvements. Read more

February 1, 2022 Art Text 4.1.2 brings native macOS colors to Light and Dark appearances, and multiple fixes.

December 6, 2021 Art Text 4.1.1 brings technical and performance improvements.

News and Updates

System Requirements:

macOS 10.13 or higher, macOS Monterey compatible, Apple silicon or Intel processor.

Return Policy:

30 day money back guarantee. Learn more

Available in:

English, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

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