AI in Graphic Design

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly advancing technology that is changing the way we live, work and interact with the world around us. At its core, AI is a system that can learn and adapt, allowing it to make decisions and take actions that are typically associated with human intelligence—from self-driving cars to personalized recommendations on streaming services. And you must have heard a lot recently in the news about ChatGPT, an AI chatbot.

AI is already having a significant impact on many areas of our lives. In this article, we will explore the impact and ways in which AI is changing the field of graphic design and its various applications.

AI in typography graphics.

How AI Assists Graphic Designers

One of the most prominent uses for AI in graphic design is to generate digital content based on certain parameters. This allows designers to create a large number of design variations quickly. Also, AI-powered tools are often used in video editing, usually to recognize and separate different elements in an image or video, allowing for easier editing and retouching.

AI can help designers automate the process of creating layouts, which includes placing images, text and other design elements in the most effective and aesthetically pleasing way. Nowadays, designers can rely on AI analyses of image colors to identify complementary color palettes to be used in the design process.

And, of course, AI can be used to analyze user behavior and preferences, providing valuable insights to designers, which helps to create the best user interface and experience.

AI generated graphics.

Popular AI-Aided Design Solutions

Midjourney AI logo.

Midjourney is an image-generating solution that produces various artistic graphics from simple text prompts users write on the Midjourney Discord server. The solution can also generate new images based on an existing image that users upload to the Discord server.

DALL-E AI logo

DALL-E is another deep-learning AI capable of generating art images based on text prompts and phrases. But, in addition to that, it can manipulate the objects it generated in the imagery. Furthermore, Dall-E has the ability to create things that don’t exist in real life, like ice on fire, for example.

Stability AI logo.

Stable Diffusion is a collaboration of several AI technologies. As with the previously mentioned solutions, it provides the ability to generate images through the use of a text prompt, describing elements that users want to include or exclude from the new art. Users can upload their images for the AI to re-draw them or incorporate new objects into existing images. Moreover, with the Stable Diffusion, designers can partially alter existing art by letting the AI fill in deteriorated or missing parts of an image to provide a complete design or by creating new images based on the supplied art.

Dreamix AI logo.

Dreamix by Google is similar to what has been described above, but for videos. Dreamix is a video editor that can modify existing videos using text descriptions. The AI can also generate new videos based on a single image or series of images.

Adobe Sensei AI logo.

Adobe Sensei is a machine learning and AI feature used across Adobe products. It provides a wide range of AI assistance, depending on the Adobe product designers use. Image and video recognition technology analyzes the content and helps to organize it. Smart cropping and resizing helps to preserve the most important visual elements. The technology makes it possible for creators to delete parts of an image or video without destroying the background. Text and font recognition enables typeface recommendation and many other little things that aid designers with their routine work.


AI is transforming the field of design in numerous ways. It streamlines the design process, helps designers to work faster, more efficiently and improve the overall quality of their work. Arguably, the drawback of AI in graphic design is that it will lead to a lack of original designs. However, many designers claim that AI can actually enhance creativity by providing new ideas and inspiration. Additionally, AI can free up designers to focus on more complex tasks, such as creating ideas and concepts, rather than spending time on more dull, routine and mundane design tasks.

Extended creativity with AI.

As AI technology continues to evolve, it is likely that its role in graphic design will only continue to grow. In the future, the best designs will involve a combination of designer genius and the use of different AI technologies.

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