Aquarelle and Watercolor Typography

The history of watercolor graphics began more than 60,000 years ago. Back in those days, people used water-soluble pigments for rock paintings. Nowadays, watercolor techniques cover both physical paintings and digital graphics.

Painting is a type of art usually associated with the transfer of visual images by applying paints on a solid foundation. But, with the advent of recent technology, the progress brush and canvas give way to the computer and tablet as the main instruments for many professional designers and artists. New type of artists begin to appear, who create digital paintings and images. Watercolor techniques, as with many other painting methods, also transferred to digital graphics.

Create watercolor typography effect

The use of watercolor graphics in everyday life:

  • Watercolor typography will create individual touches when used on wedding invitations.
  • Watercolor style is a must for Easter greetings to achieve handmade effects.
  • The content is important when expressing thoughts on social media or a website, but visuals can play a significant role in capturing the attention you desire.
  • When designing your own postcards, watercolor typography and graphics is a great add-on.
Handmade watercolor invitation

Creating Watercolor Graphics

No matter what you need watercolor effects for, there are several ways to create it:

  • draw with actual paint and brushes;
  • use a tablet, such as an iPad, with an Apple Pen;
  • use graphic design software on your Mac or Windows computer.

First, at least minimal drawing skills and knowledge of watercolor graphics is required. The more complicated result you wish to see in your final picture, the more skilled you should be in paint drawing. he third way requires just a simple understanding of what kind of watercolor graphics you want to achieve, as well as some understanding of the app that can assist in creating watercolor effects.

Watercolor effects and graphics

If you are the lucky owner of a Mac computer and have an idea of watercolor graphics in your head, then you should give Art Text app a try.

Watercolor Effect in Art Text

Aquarelle and watercolor graphics can be created in Photoshop and Illustrator software, but there are several advantages of using Art Text for macOS instead:

  • Art Text is much easier and quicker to learn;
  • professional quality graphics can be achieved much more quickly;
  • the price is much less than Adobe alternatives;
  • there is a collection of watercolor and Aquarelle presets for a quick start.

4 easy steps to create your own watercolor typography graphics in Art Text, text effects and typography design software for Mac.

Add a background. Preferably select a paper background for more plausible effect. Choose one from Backgrounds list on the Content Panel and it will automatically fill the document. You can change texture to different paper, change color and scale via Fill tab of the Inspector.

Paper background for watercolor graphics

Type your text and choose a font. Cursive font would be best to imitate handwriting effect. Art Text access macOS system fonts, as well as can access and use Google Fonts.

Watercolor effects and graphics

Pick a watercolor texture from the Fill tab and adjust texture scale and position within the text.

Adding watercolor texture to text

Now, let’s move on to the Effects tab and activate the Inner Shadow option. Then add a Displacement distortion effect from the list of Distortions to make text edges realistically rough as if drawn with watercolor.

Your watercolor typography is done! To further enhance your watercolor design, add stains and watercolor spot objects supplied with Art Text. Now you have a watercolor masterpiece that you’ve created yourself!

Watercolor graphics in Art Text

Discover a multitude of watercolor, retro, 3D type, text on photo typography trends and effect possibilities with Art Text for Mac.

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