Mouth-Watering Food Typography

It’s no secret that food is considered one of the cardinal sins. Not only is food delicious, but it is also appealing and inspiring. That’s why food photography has been on the rise, especially where food is used in typography. Restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and supermarkets all use food typography in various advertising and promotional materials to induce desire in their customers.

Arranging different foods into a character or a coherent word requires much effort, patience and scene setup for the right lighting. What if I told you that there is an easier way to create food typography graphics without spending a dime on food? All you need is Art Text for macOS graphic design software with the prime task of creating text effects and typography graphics.

Food typography for sushi bars.

Composing Words with Food

The Spray Fill feature of Art Text will let you compose words with fruit, nuts, cereals, coffee beans... you name it. Spray Fill settings help to control fill density, fruit size, fill pattern and more. Art Text offers 64 food fill items and 8 spray fill presets with carefully selected food arrangements and light settings.

Coffee typography composed with coffee beans.

3D Typography You Want to Bite

Thanks to the unique 3D engine, Art Text creates 3D text on the fly when you type your text. Once your 3D text is ready, you can create a material for it by choosing a texture, texture lighting properties, surface bump map and reflection mask to define non-reflective areas and then set up object lighting. Art Text offers a wide range of 3D presets that will assist in creating chocolate, cheese, cake, donuts and other yummy looking typography.

Chocolate materials for 3D text.

Embossed Text Effects

Shading Materials is a special 2D text fill that creates bumped and embossed text effects. Use any of the 140 materials supplied, or create your own shading materials in the advanced editor. Combining Shading Material with Distortion effects that change the font shape will provide a design resembling liquid food like honey, ketchup, etc.

Honey text effect with Shading Materials.

Art Text lets you mix different 2D text effects on multiple layers to achieve creative food typography. Here is a tasty example of Spray Fill sugar sprinkles placed above chocolate-looking Shading Material.

Chocolate text effect with sprinkles layer.

Food Typography Templates

If you just started using Art Text and learning the scope of text effects, the app can help you to perfect your creation. But, if you need food typography graphics made quickly, then turn to our library of ready made templates. Art Text includes 15 food-related templates and 30 additional yummy templates available via in-app purchase.

Variety of food typography templates.
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