Logo Design Tools

This tutorial covers the process of logo design in Art Text 4. You will learn about vector drawing tools and how to use them to edit and create new vector shapes.

Shape Drawing Tools:

  • The Pen tool is used to add and delete points when you draw or edit a shape path.
  • The Move tool is used to move anchor points and adjust their direction lines.
  • The Convert Anchor Point tool is used to change the point type from smooth to corner and vice versa.
  • The Reverse Path Direction tool is used to reverse the direction of a selected path. To select the path in the editor, click inside the shape with the Move tool.

Tip: You can use vector drawing tools to change the shape of the 2D text. For this, use the Layers menu > Convert to Shape option.

Note! After using the "Convert to Shape" option for text, you can no longer edit the text, font properties and apply Geometry transformations. To gain access to Geometry transformations, use the Layers menu > Enable Geometry Transformations.