Lettering—The Art of Text Design

Lettering appears in everyday life without us even realizing it. Hand-drawn or digital lettering reveals itself in commercials and print ads, chalkboard menus, greeting cards and many other spots.

Lettering design for Mac

So, what is lettering and how does it differ from other widely used terms such as calligraphy, font or typography? Let's deal with each term separately.

Lettering is an art of drawn words in which each character and even repeating characters are uniquely presented. Although drawn lettering is more common, it can also be knitted, laid with coffee beans or sculpted out of clay, to name a few.

Typography is the act of arranging a set of predefined characters (font) that are used in any sequence.

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful letter writing using ink pens or brushes.

Calligraphy text design effects for Mac

Type designer, Mark Simonson, precisely described the difference between lettering and fonts by using the example of modeling clay and Lego bricks. Each individual lettering character is usually written or drawn in a unique way, even though letters may repeat. In fonts, the same letters will have a 100% identical appearance.

Play-doh lettering effect for Mac

Today’s digital world is so intertwined with our real lives that interest in digital lettering is on the rise. Following are some popular digital lettering types and effects:

Chalk lettering design for Mac
Watercolor text effect for greeting cards
3D text with true textures for Mac
Neon and glow text effect for Mac
Vintage lettering design for Mac

Creating your own lettering may sound extremely challenging and time consuming. However, with Art Text for Mac, anyone can quickly and easily jazz up text to attract more attention to messages in adverts, social media posts or print documents.

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Graphic design software for transforming any letter, word or text into a masterpiece on your Mac.
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