WordArt Alternatives for Mac

Communication and design are inseparable notions: it is important to establish a connection between users and content to succeed. When we talk about communication, text is one of the means to deliver information. Typography and lettering are graphical representation of the information you want to deliver, and can significantly improve information digestion.

Text effects in typography

Many designers call typography the science of text design. In general, typography is characterized as a collection of laws based on a text design, which in turn depends on a reader’s perception of the information received.

By lettering, designers usually mean the process of creating handwritten letters. In digital world this can be achieved by combining cursive fonts and various text effects.

All in all, these concepts are incredibly important when creating any website, flyers and brochures, social media posts or advertising.

Lettering design

Microsoft was the first to realize the need for decorative texts and offered WordArt tool as part of Microsoft Word 2007. WordArt offers a collection of text styles that help quickly create decorative headings for your documents. A WordArt object can be moved or placed in a document to embellish it or to focus on something. You can change or add text to an existing WordArt object at any time. All in all, WordArt is a lifesaver for MS Word.

Microsoft WordArt

The downfall of WordArt is that it can not be used anywhere outside Microsoft Word and lacks the variety of text effects or the ability to create your own effects. So, what are the alternatives?

Online solutions for typography and lettering are a great alternative for people, who want to make their texts eye-catchy with minimal resources. Of course, solutions like Cool Text Graphics Generator are easy in use, but the designs offered are often old-fashioned and will not provide catchy effect you would expect.

Fun text graphics

Of course, a lot of professional designers will prefer Adobe Photoshop to WordArt. However, WordArt and Photoshop are not the only solutions for creating catchy text designs. What if you want to spice up Apple Pages documents or Keynote presentations with gorgeous texts, or create catchy text post on Facebook? That’s where Letters app comes handy.

Letters app - cracked glass effect

Letters is the most closest substitute that goes far beyond WordArt. The app offers hundreds of text design presets, including watercolor style, 3D text, chalk, ice, lava, retro, you name it text. You do not need to draw anything yourself - just pick the preset you like, change the text and there you go. Unlike WordArt, Letters lets you save the result as a graphic file or insert it into any program via a clipboard. You can choose text to be on transparent background as well, so that it perfectly blends with any project you maybe working on.

Text design sample

No doubt that Photoshop provides more flexibility towards creating own text effects, compared to Letters with minimum editing capabilities and tight binding to text design presets. Although, professional designers may still opt-for an easier and cheaper solution, Art Text 3.

This WordArt analog for Mac gives you even more flexibility than Letters. Art Text has all the tools to create your own text effects, experiment with textures, adjust environment and lighting.

Art Text software

If you are in charge of a company newsletter, run a blog, have a website or design flyers and brochures, then WordArt and its alternatives are indispensable tools to hook up with your target audience attention. Exploring typography and lettering software opens doors something really amazing, innovative and fun.