3D Typography the Easy Way

Three-dimensional typography has been evolving since computer graphics originated. The recent progress in digital design and virtual and augmented reality gave a much-needed boost to 3D typography.

3D typography is widely used to attract attention in web design, advertising, marketing materials, social media and logo design, and can also be used just for fun as it is very aesthetic and inspiring.

3D text with glow effect.

If you decide to create a 3D text, then you have quite a few options to approach this task. On the surface lies the use of 3D modeling apps, like Cinema 4D, Maya, 3ds Max, Blender and others, or you can use graphic design software like Photoshop, Illustrator or Procreate. All these software programs require specific skills and deep app knowledge to create a 3D text. Conversely, the Art Text app allows you to create 3D typography with minimal to no experience with 3D modeling or graphic design tools.

Creating a 3D Text Model

The convenient 3D text engine converts text on the fly that a user enters into a 3D text, while preserving the font properties. So, all you need is to type a word, pick a font for it, and Art Text will take it from there to instantly create a 3D word. You can change the font or letters and see the 3D text changing simultaneously.

Typing a 3D text.

Shaping and Positioning 3D Text

The 3D rotation wheel lets users control 3D positioning of the text by rotating it along the X and Y axes. Beyond standard 3D text shape controls, such as depth, thickness and chamfer settings, Art Text lets users bend and warp 3D text with 3D transformation shapes.

Warping 3D typography.

Working with 3D Text Materials

3D text material is a combination of different properties, such as texture, Ambient, Diffuse and Specular light colors, and several surface settings like bump map, reflection mask and environment texture. Art Text lets you select the exact combination for every 3D material property to create a true-to-life 3D text effect. You can create a material that will reflect metal shininess and partially worn off surface areas.

Metal 3D text.

Important Role of Light Controls

The key role in 3D text appearance plays the way the object is lit. Users have full control over the object lighting via fully adjustable Spotlights that create realistic 3D object light scenes.

Adjusting a 3D Text Surface

Many real-life objects have rough surfaces, and sometimes objects have surfaces that reflect light unevenly or have dimmed areas. In these instances, Art Text offers Bump Map and Reflection Mask tools that are easy to use and provide remarkably realistic 3D text effects.

Cheese 3D typography.

Depth Gradient

The Depth Gradient feature is intended to apply a gradient or solid color to 3D text sides. This feature provides an ability to create depth gradient on 3D text sides, offering a means to create distinctive sides from the material applied or emphasizing the transition from lit to shadowed parts of the 3D text.

Depth effect in 3D typography.

3D Text Tutorials

Watch short video tutorials to conquer 3D typography design techniques with Art Text 4. The tutorials are split into three major topics: Creating a 3D Text, 3D Materials and Light, and Reflection Mask.

Acid 3D text.

3D Typography Templates

Art Text comes with a great variety of templates, allowing users to quickly dive into the process of creating their own 3D typography by simply changing the word or slightly tweaking the 3D text properties.

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